The Anarch is an organization that was made to help keep your data and privacy secure. We also defend against traffic analysis and network surveillance. Protecting you with texting/sms to web browsing! We plan to bring new projects every year and have old projects move to apple and desktop soon. All of our projects are very secure, encrypted and made to keep your privacy! We require that all our projects include the 4 things below.
 We require that all our apps are secure and your privacy is your. We try to make all our apps have no middle man to ensure that we, or anyone else cant access your data!
 We try our best to keep our apps reliable to keep your day to day life without the hastle of waiting for stupid updates to come out to fix the bugs. But we cant do this without bug reports from you!
 All of our projects are built with quality to ensure that they cant be hackable, or atleast above US Government allowence. We try to keep our front-end up to date and as easy as possible to use!
 Our Projects are built to be secure, so speed is always a difficult one... But we optimize our code to keep our projects as fast as they can be!

 All of our projects don't contain ads and are free! We don't request donations, however all donations are appreciated! If you wish to buy the developers a coffee, please click the link below!

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