Keep your privacy! With The Anarch!

What is The Anarch?
The Anarch is an organization that was made to help keep your data and privacy secure. We also defend against traffic analysis and network surveillance. Protecting you with texting/sms to web browsing! We plan to bring new projects every year and have old projects move to apple and desktop soon.
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Why Anonymity?
The Anarch uses varius forms of services to help protect you from hackers. Since we believe in freedom, we believe that you should be able to keep it.
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Our Projects!

EMessage - Encrypted Messaging
EMessage is a secure SMS/MMS texting app that allows you to communicate with encryption above government level. We plan to add internet messaging as well, for those who dont have a phone plan.
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Freedom - Browser
Freedom is an easy to use fast browser that lets you do experience the web in a new way. Freedom hasn't been around as long as the others but we built the browser with you in mind. We hope that you will choose us for your future browsing experience.
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Shadow Router - Proxy Chain
Shadow Router is a proxy chain that will be availible for android and browser extensions that allows you to browser the web secure. This project is in alpha but should be availible by the end of this year.
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